David Alvey

Group Practice Consultant

David has over 27 years of commercial lending and advisory experience and serves Beacon Practice Sales as an Advisor to Single and Group Practice Mergers and Acquisitions.

David has extensive experience serving the dental and veterinary industry providing structure and financial solutions for medical, dental, and veterinary practices involving mergers, buy-ins, buy-outs, refinancing for growth, and multiple practice operations.

His experience includes revenue and operational differences such as fee-for-service practices, PPOs, HMOs, DMOs, and Medicaid providers. In addition, Mr. Alvey has an extensive background in operations, credit analytic, cash flows, and tax and accounting analysis tax and financial reporting and transaction advisory.

Email: david@beaconpracticesales.com ~ Phone: 704-996-6866 ~ Fax: 704-908-9900